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Modern Housing Complex
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About Saber Equity

Saber Equity focuses on providing structured investment opportunities for new and/or experienced investors to participate in multi-family and commercial real estate investing through a syndicate program which makes building wealth accessible for investors looking to broaden their portfolio to include real estate.

Our real estate firm specializes in the identification, acquisition and asset management of small to mid sized multifamily apartment communities, where we can add value and achieve growth for our investment partners.

Our Core Mission is to provide the highest achievable returns for our investors with each property we acquire while simultaneously adding value to the communities in which we invest, providing affordably priced and accessible housing for our residents in clean, safe well located communities.

Integrity, Transparency and Approachability, are the key pillars to our success. Performing rigorous due diligence on all our investments, providing a clearly defined business plan, a streamlined multi family investing experience, while aligning our interests with our investors interests serves us in meeting our goal of delivering value to ALL of our stakeholders in our transactions including:

Our Investors

Our Residents

Our Communities



Charlie Rushton

Managing Partner

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Kyle Hauge

Board Member

Charlie is a seasoned investor and multifamily syndicator with a heavy focus on the Texas and Arizona markets. He has extensive experience in both capital raising and asset management. Previously, Charlie was in the hospitality industry focusing on large hotel renovations both in the US and internationally. With over 33 years of experience in real estate and hospitality, Charlie brings wisdom and significant market insight to Saber Equity investments. 

James has an extensive background in finance, working on prioritizing clients through investment management and consulting with institutional assets. He has a diverse skillset and expertise in leading teams, analyzing markets, underwriting assets, and managing large scale portfolios. Over the last few years, James has focused on investing and managing assets primarily in the Southwest such as Texas and Arizona.


Modern Housing Complex


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